One of the primary objectives of the Association is to foster much-needed menotrship and collaborations between candidate, newly authorised and established IB schools. To that effect, post the fourth pan-India Annual General Meeting, an initiative was taken to identify the core strengths of each school. The responses, from various schools across the country listed in the file below, present a repository of information which can be used by Heads of schools who are seeking support in a particular aspect of curriculum and pedagogy, management, child protection and well-being, student agency and projects, among others. We invite you to take advantage of this database to propel your IB journey!

Stay tuned to this page for more opportunities for collaboration!

Association of Heads of IB Schools in India and South Asia is planning a Pan India Programme Coordinators meet for all the programmes on Saturday 19th August. Please SAVE THE DATE!

The event would be hosted by :

DP/CP : Scottish High International School, Gurugram
MYP : Indus International School, Bangalore
PYP : JG International School, Ahmedabad