In these times of off-campus and internet-based learning, face to face collaboration and teamwork among teachers and children may not take place very effectively. In the absence of strong social interactions, the culture of the school will become weaker.

Since the school culture is the major factor of imbibing IB Learner Attributes, so a weaker or no culture will have an effect on the inculcation of IB Learner Attributes in children and teachers.

In the on-campus school  face to face, social, intellectual and emotional interactions are the basis of a school’s culture; and culture is the 80% basis of inculcating learner attributes/values, how far will the schools succeed in inculcating the mission of the IB, which is systematically encapsulated in the IB Learner Profile? We should collaborate on studying this issue.

Of the ten learner attributes of the curriculum, the easiest to inculcate in teachers and children will be independent inquirer, knowledgeable, thinker and communicator. Because of the concept of student agency, and various software on project-based learning, it will be possible to make children good inquirers. I guess that children will be able to score an average of 8 out of 10, on a rough guesstimate. As for teachers’ development, very little teachers’ energy and time will be available to do much. So the inculcation will be on the average about 3 out of 10.

These attributes to a lesser level or not at all: caring, open-minded, balanced, risk-takers, and reflective, as it requires face to face human interaction, school culture and mutual human intellectual and emotional challenges. Scores of -6 to 6 for children. Scores of -8 to 6 for teachers.

Inculcation of the attribute principled -5 to10 for children. I plan to do research on IB Lerner Profile implementation. I would request the colleague heads to share their assessments and we can have a discussion on the Association of IB Heads website chat room.

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Rakesh Kapoor

Rakesh Kapoor, BA (Hons.), M.Ed., C3P Teachers' College Columbia University Consultant: Stress-free & Mindful Schools Founder & Rector: Modern School, Sector E, Aliganj, Lucknow, India. Author 'Total Presence of MInd', MiSP Certified Mindfulness Trainer. Linkedin: