I do not know how will children learn all the #characterbuilding attributes of the #IBlearnerprofile in these times of #onlinelearning. Many of the attributes like #caring, #principled, #open-minded, #balanced and #reflective are learned by children through daily experiencing the culture of the school. How can we create a strong culture during off-campus/#onlinelearning?

#Character formation has been the historical duty of schools for centuries. Character is destiny. Schools have the duty to inculcate these #character related  #IBlearner attributes: caring, open-minded, principled, reflective and balanced. These are the basis of character, and also of well being and mental health.

Strong school culture has a profound and lifetime effect on most children. It overcomes the home culture. A Harvard Graduate School of Education study defines #culture formation thus: “Everything a #leader does — her/his statements and philosophy, reactions to key events, energy, and interaction style — influences culture in a powerful way.” (Leah Shafer) How about that? Can we downgrade the accountability of the school for culture and inculcation of character/affective learner attributes? We cannot say that since school culture is negated by some/many homes, it is no longer the responsibility of the school. Or should there be a revision of IB learner attributes during these times of off-campus schooling?

Rakesh Kapoor

Rakesh Kapoor, BA (Hons.), M.Ed., C3P Teachers' College Columbia University Consultant: Stress-free & Mindful Schools Founder & Rector: Modern School, Sector E, Aliganj, Lucknow, India. Author 'Total Presence of MInd', MiSP Certified Mindfulness Trainer. Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/rakeshkapoor51