February 2016 saw the beginnings of collaborative dialogue between Heads of IB schools within their own regions. This was triggered by a growing need to find a common platform for heads to engage with each other, share common concerns and best practices and most significantly offer support to new and incoming Heads.   As the staunchest supporters of IB education, we were equally keen to use our collective voice to advocate for the IB and raise awareness amongst the Indian community of the unique strengths of the IB programme, regardless of the age of the student.  As with everything we do, the ultimate goal was to use these interactions to bring the best provision and offering to our students who of course remain central to all our efforts.  As the meetings and interest grew, we were able to grow this collaborative effort onto a  national scale, starting with two All India IB Heads Meetings one in Delhi and one in Hyderabad.

The decision across all regions was unanimous – we needed an All India Association. Thanks to our collective efforts, we have been able to bring you the national association, a collective enterprise created to help us live the IB mission of educating for a better world. My inspiration through this collaborative journey have been the words of the legendary Ratan Tata who says ‘if you want to walk fast, walk alone. But, if you want to walk far, walk together.’’

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