Once the Association was established in 2016, the Southern/Eastern region was headed by the first elected regional Executive Committee comprising Mr. Peter Armstrong, Head of The International School of Bangalore (Chair), Mrs. Seetha Murty, Director of Education at Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad (Vice Chair) and Dinesh Bakshi, Head, Ebenezer International School, Bangalore (Executive Member).

In 2022, the new regional Executive Committee was appointed comprising Ms. Sailaja Vitttaldev, Principal, Silver Oaks International School, Bangalore (Chair), Ms. Hema Chennupaty, Principal, RP Goenka International School, Kolkata (Vice Chair), and Mrs. Jayu Ganesh, Head, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai (Executive Member).

The regional committee member schools typically meet twice a year to deliberate upon pertinent issues in education.

Regional Committee

[ult_team team_img_grayscale=”off” img_hover_eft=”” link_switch=”on” staff_link=”url:%23modalOne|||” image=”id^1026|url^http://www.ibheadsassociationindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/sailaja-vittaldev.jpg|caption^null|alt^null|title^Sailaja Vittaldev|description^null” name=”Ms. Sailaja Vittaldev” pos_in_org=”Chair”]Principal
Silver Oaks International School Bangalore[/ult_team][ultimate_modal modal_title=”Ms. Sailaja Vittaldev” btn_size=”md” btn_bg_color=”#f4524d” btn_text=”Read More” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-slideup” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″]She wishes to introduce herself as a life-long learner. Her 14 years of professional journey began with teaching in PYP classes. The world of transdisciplinary learning with conceptual framework excites her.

Ken Bartlett’s workshop on Learner Profile helped her to see the potential of developing attributes in learners. Having attended many IB In school/regional workshops and the global conference in Japan, her exposure to the large canvas of IB programmes began to amplify. Her humble beginnings From a PYP teacher to PYP Coordinator to the Head of an IB Continuum School with all PYP, MYP & DP programmes, her journey in the last 14 years is marked by constant learning and discovery.

She may have begun her journey with IB from the PYP programme but implementing the MYP and DP in the school helped her immensely to understand the challenges and plus points of these programmes. She is a principal learner wherein she constantly enhances her learning by doing courses like “Teaching and Learning” and “Creating Cultures of Thinking” from Harvard’s Project Zero and she is currently pursuing Master in Education from the University of People, California.

She has always believed in sharpening the saw and enhancing skill sets. She had the privilege of winning the TAFIT – 2015 Award (Teacher Awards For Innovative Teaching). She trekked the mighty Himalayas for 8 long years and always believe in extending the boundaries.

She has been featured as 10 Most Inspiring Indian Women in School Leadership by K12 Digest Education Magazine. Seeking inspiration from Gandhiji’s saying, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”, she promises to work on creating an ecosystem for inspired learning.[/ultimate_modal]

[ult_team team_img_grayscale=”off” img_hover_eft=”” link_switch=”on” staff_link=”url:%23modalOne|||” image=”id^1027|url^http://www.ibheadsassociationindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/hema-chennupaty.jpg|caption^null|alt^null|title^Hema Chennupaty|description^null” name=”Ms. Hema Chennupaty” pos_in_org=”Vice Chair”]Principal
RP Goenka International School, Kolkata[/ult_team][ultimate_modal modal_title=”Ms. Hema Chennupaty” btn_size=”md” btn_bg_color=”#f4524d” btn_text=”Read More” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-slideup” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″]Ms Hema holds a post graduate degree in English Literature from University of Delhi and has been an IB practitioner for the last 22 years. She has been with Oakridge International school, Hyderabad years and was Principal for 4 years before she took up the new assignment as Principal with the first PYP school in Kolkata at the RP Goenka International School.[/ultimate_modal]
[ult_team team_img_grayscale=”off” img_hover_eft=”” link_switch=”on” staff_link=”url:%23modalOne|||” image=”id^1028|url^http://www.ibheadsassociationindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/jayuganesh.jpg|caption^null|alt^null|title^Jayu Ganesh|description^null” name=”Mrs. Jayu Ganesh” pos_in_org=”Member”]Head of School
CPS Global, Thirumazhisai[/ult_team][ultimate_modal modal_title=”Mrs. Jayu Ganesh” btn_size=”md” btn_bg_color=”#f4524d” btn_text=”Read More” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-slideup” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″]Chair, DPC Network, Tamil Nadu.
Executive Member, South & East.
Association for Heads of IB World Schools, India.

Jayu Ganesh brings a legacy of global best practices gleaned from an illustrious career as an educator. A Nuclear Physicist and a life-long learner, she has over four decades of experience in the profession of teaching and worked as a collaborative administrator within the learning community in various capacities and roles. Jayu is an IB examiner and is equally versed with CAIE and IBDP programs.

Having full confidence in her leadership skills, IB entrusted with her the position of the Network Chair (Admin) for the DPC Tamil Nadu Network in 2020. The role of the network chair is to strengthen the connection between the IB and DPCs connected to the network. Furthermore, she is an active member of IB Heads Group (Pan India), DPCs Group of IB Asia Pacific Region, Indian Principals Network (IPN).

Jayu Ganesh has been elected as an Executive Member to the Executive Council of the IB Heads Association representing the Southern and Eastern Regions.

Jayu has travelled widely attending Cambridge and IBO Conferences and workshops at Cambridge, Singapore, Colombo, Athens and Savannah.

Recognized as one of the field’s most empathetic administrators and motivated teachers, Jayu has the propensity to dream and determine with her facilitators and students towards building robust academic environment based on fundamental human values. Having spent substantial years in the education sector, she is particularly interested in practices that unchain and set free the latent talent of every child in her institution. She has been known to go beyond the call of duty as a professional to help students, parents and the staff in their time of need and this remains her most enduring character as an educator.
Amidst the trying times of the pandemic, Jayu has put her best foot forward in converting physical constraints into unlimited opportunities for teaching and learning. Her vision for online education amidst the lockdowns transcends academics. The aim was to retain the flavour of an actual school environment online. In the past year, under her able leadership, this holistic schooling experience has been transposed to the online platform through the digitization and distance collaborations on Erudite Talks, Master Classes, events, celebration of festivals, community service, counselling, etc. On the administrative side, meticulous care has been taken to ensure high fidelity in terms of assessments, planning for board exams, etc. All this were achieved by leading from the front and taking into account the social and emotional well being of all the stakeholders.

Prior to joining CPS Global, Jayu was the Dean of Academics, IGCSE Coordinator and Examination Officer for CAIE in Symbiosis International School, Pune. In 2016, the then Vice Chancellor, University of Cambridge Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, and the then Chief Executive Officer, Michael O ‘Sullivan honoured her with a ‘Letter of Achievement’ for churning out the World and Country toppers securing outstanding results in the IGCSE Examinations year after year. This recognition is a testament to her dedication and tireless commitment to motivate her teachers and students alike, to contribute to their individual success and uphold the highest educational values of the institution.[/ultimate_modal]